September 25th – October 2nd, 2023/ This tour is only available as a private tour. You and nine + friends fill this tour. 


Our tour starts in Porto with visits to the Port Lodges, a river cruise, and tours of the city’s iconic buildings. We make our way to Pinhao, the center of wine production in the region, where we will also learn the history and tradition behind the many grape varieties and styles. Interested? Sign-up or request more information here.


The Douro Valley, a World Heritage Site, is known for its stone walled terraced vineyards.  These are absolutely stunning and without a doubt some of the most beautiful vineyards in the world.


Across the river from our Porto hotel is Gaia, the home of dozens of historic port wine lodges and caves.  Spend the afternoon visiting and tasting to find your favorite port.

Six Bridges Tour

Enjoy a river cruise of the Douro River. Take in the views of the two cities, Porto and the Vila Nova de Gaia as you pass beneath the six bridges that connect these two complementary historical wine centers.


Surrounded by vineyards, we will casually float the Douro River in our modified cargo boat.  Along the way, we will stop off to visit farmers and enjoy the wines and foods of the region.


Learn the process behind port wine, where the partially fermented grapes are mixed with brandy in large lagers prior to being tread by foot.


Take time out to relax in the tranquility of our hotel, situated on the river valley. Walk along the river, take in the vineyard views, and truly appreciate the beauty of the surroundings.

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