September 16th – September 23rd, 2023

Catalonia is different from the rest of Spain. It shows in their vibrant capital, Barcelona, and in the wines of the surrounding countryside — sparkling white Cava from the nearby Penedes and strong, dry, red wines from the Montsant and Priorat regions a little further to the west and south. On this visit to Barcelona/Catalonia, we will sample and savor each, as well as swim in the Mediterranean with tuna, herd goats in the valleys, and simply enjoy the local spirit. Interested? Sign-up or request more information here.


Head to the main square of Falset to do a walking tour of the village and visit the weekly fruit and vegetable market.  Here we will gather ingredients for our lunch, which we will prepare alongside our Catalan Chef.


Venture out in the deep, clear blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Learn the history and fishing techniques of the giant tuna as our Catamaran taxis us out to sea.  Upon arrival with wet suit, snorkel and mask, we plunge into the sea and swim with the giant Bluefin Tuna.


Hike down from the village of Capafonts to meet the goat herder, his loyal dogs, and of course the herd of goats.  Walk the valley while the herd feeds and the dogs do their work. Later we taste cheese and dine in the home of a local.


Enjoy an outdoor barbecue and wine tasting. We will dine on Mountain paella, prepared for us while we taste through a selection of wines shared with us by a local winemaker.


Take time to visit a family-owned vineyard in the village of Porrera.  After our tour of the winery, we walk to the outskirts of the village and into the surrounding vineyards to learn about and experience the terroir of the Priorat region.



Learn the origins of the Montsant region, which begins in the 12th century with the founding of the first Carthusian monastery in Spain. The Carthusian life is one of contemplation, with it an emphasis on solitude and silence.





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