Butch, we had an amazing time with you in Tuscany!  I loved that you took such good
care of us and there was no worry as far as transportation or fun.  The group of
people that were part of the tour were just plain awesome and made it a better
trip!  They were a wonderful group to spend time in Italy with, but even better get
to know.  We created many fun memories and new friends. I still laugh at Martha
"Taking one for the team"  when she put the lard in her mouth, and we all thought
it was cream cheese at the all you can eat steak dinner.  What a hoot those guys
were.  They were such entertainers and I love that we all bonded together to sing
the national anthem.  Lou's gift to meet new people is truly a gift, and when she
met the lady with the incredibly high shoes and put them on, it was hilarious. Not
to mention she now has two new facebook friends.  Only Lou.  We love that Bill is
such a charmer with all the ladies and Charlotte was so kind to let him charm us
all.  What a great artist too.  Tony has the best toasts and they will always be
remembered because they got even better when he had to repeat them for a
recording.  Wow…….what great memories!  There are more too.  Such kind
people…..all of them.

We loved all the vineyards, but the one that stands out for me (Kris) is the two
sisters/family one.  It was so sweet and beautiful there.  I loved that we sat
outside and we had their mother's cooking.  We also loved the Olive mill tour. 
Even though we were stuffed, the food was amazing.  What a great education we
got from all the stops too.  We love learning new things.  My by far favorite thing,
was the cooking class and what a beautiful kitchen to be able to learn.  The
house and surroundings were some of the most spectacular spots in the world. 
Around every corner seemed to be the best view the best scenery ever.  They
were post card perfect sights.  We thought our accommodations were cozy and
warm and loved the bidets.  The phrase that continued to come to my lips
were……This is a slice of heaven on earth.

All in all the trip was the best trip we have ever taken.  We have the best
memories and met some of the most incredible people.  I am thankful they are all
from the area.  The only thing that would have made the trip better was to get an
olive tree.  Do you think you arrange that?  

Thanks for taking such great care of all of us and for the wonderful adventure.