“In June of 2015 my wife Lori and I participated in one of Butch’s infamous European wine tours to the beautiful country of Spain, the Priorot region to be exact. Lori is a wine connoisseur so this trip was built for her. Me, not so much. I like beer so this trip was to be more of a cultural and educational experience than it was a “wine experience”. Much to my surprise and extreme satisfaction, this trip turned out to be one of the most amazing trips of our lives. Butch’s past experience in the region, attention to detail, and partnership with Rachel (our translator and local historian) made this trip so easy, and so much fun that I would recommend it to anyone. From the top notch accommodations in multiple villages, to the very comfortable transportation arrangements, to tending to the individual needs of many in the group (diet, mobility, and of course beer for me J) absolutely nothing was overlooked. We would have never experienced the locales and activities without this kind of arrangement. We experienced incredible meals including two private settings  prepared by well-known chefs, visited several high quality wineries that provided so much more than just tasting that at times, I forgot we were even at a winery. To name one as a favorite would be unjust to the others. There were also several events that were just plain cool including goat herding, swimming with tuna, and kayaking on a reservoir during one of the free afternoons. Although all of Butch’s trips have varying events and activities, I would highly recommend to anyone to sign up for one of these amazing opportunities. Even if you’re not a wine drinker, these trips have so much more to offer and to have Butch as a host, and his expertise at the center of the planning, you can’t make a better trip on your own. Thanks Butch, for an unforgettable memory!”